Without You

I feel like sharing this beautiful mashup and rendition of Usher’s Without You and U2’s With or Without You!

The cover was beautifully sang by Philippines‘ balladeer Martin Nievera and charismatic Anne Curtis! Oh I love her for having that fighting spirit when it comes to singing. And I really enjoy listening to their singing collaboration. Plus, there’s a rap from Anne!

Trying Out the Facebook Embedded Post

How nice, I just tried embedding a Facebook post!

I learned that Facebook recently enabled the Facebook embedded post functionaliy to big online publishers like CNN, Mashable and The Huffington Post.

A workaround I read from Digital Inspiration‘s site shared by Ana Hoffman in her blog as well was really intriguing and helpful.

Wanting to share a Facebook post you liked in your blog?

First, make sure the post is set in ‘public’.  Then copy the link address by right clicking the date the Facebook post was posted. Afterwards, paste the link you’ve copied and voila!

This particular Facebook tip is worth trying as I learned something new! See what I applied below. 🙂

Why Keep Learning

“I think it’s so important to keep learning and keep your brain active.”
~ Beverley Mitchell

Such a coincidence that WordPress.com’s latest topic is about going back to school.

I longed to see myself studying again to improve myself. I also feel excited of learning specific skills at my own pace and time.

Back in college, our professor asked us in one of my subjects to create a website as our project. Since we’re grouped as duo and to make things easier, I volunteered to do it for us two. And I used Microsoft FrontPage then.

I felt prouder of myself when our professor gave us the highest grade for that project. I remember I made an online clothing shop which I derived inspiration from popular online clothing shops then. I know basic HTML. What I did was to copy easy to understand HTML codes from a small Computer book.

Just thinking about how I made a website before made me wonder how I really did it! I could have been motivated so much since it was required in our class. It was only one subject but that made me revisit my old interest to pursue learning more about it!

And I believe it’s never too late to learn something that interests me!


A Month of Observance

A month ago, I met this interesting creature in our garage.  For the past several years, we’ve had lots of cats residing outside our house.

And then came a time we’ll have a dog! Who would’ve thought this would happen? None of us in the family dared to take care of one before. And I was wrong.

Funny that it took me a couple of days before I realized there was indeed a dog staying with us for quite some time.

At first, I was amused that the dog kept following my father and my brothers every time they’re going out. I even tried to walk farther from our house just to see if it’d also follow me.

To my frustration, I realized that it didn’t. I just laughed it off afterwards. This led me to a realization that the dog is very choosy! And I haven’t tried again to avoid embarrassing myself further.

Since it was the very first time we have a dog, I became observant of her. I began to recall the advices made by Dog Whisperer’s Cesar Milan about owning a pet dog. I never thought time will come I’ll also be checking out on him again.

The first thing I noticed about the dog? I find it odd it’d always howl when it returns our house. There were days when my ears got irritated because it howls disturbingly to think it’s still early in the morning and we’re watching a TV show.

And so I searched in the internet and looked for answers. I learned that some dogs howl because of separation anxiety. It’s their way to communicate for their pack leader (or the owner) to return safely.

I had to do a psst sound to prevent her from howling incessantly. Good thing it stopped.

Then after a few days, my younger brother noticed that the dog became territorial. From being meek and scared, the dog began to bark continuously every time someone comes nearer to our house.

Another problem came up when the dog is dealing with the other cats staying at our house. She went aggressive mode when it’s eating time. She became selfish she thinks all the food was all hers when another set of food is for the cats.

I got affected when she fought off with the lone cat she became close with. And I can’t afford to see the situation to worsen so I opened a hose to silence the dog from her aggressiveness.

And just recently, the dog became sickly. I thought she had recovered from diarrhea but her situation worsened. She looked helpless that I felt we had to let her go. And she has not returned home.

It’s been days since she left us. I heard the dog followed my father for the very last time. I interpreted it as her last goodbye.

Indeed, it was a short stay but her presence was something special. She created an undeniable impact that I cannot forget.

Her stay with us taught me how to extend my patience to connect with her. I was amused and envious at the same time when she’s being playful every time she sees my father. When I tried to approach her, the response was different.

And I just let it be. I did not force myself to be so close with her. We’re like casual beings. I see her and she sees me when I go out of our house.

What I especially like about her is when she found an unlikely friendship from one of the cats who I find very sweet to develop such closeness.

And the dog’s wagging tail and calm face! Those will just be beautiful memories.


Being Socially Modern

I believe I truly belong in this modern age!

I remember my grade school days when computers were still limited to school’s computer room and to those who can afford to have one. I was thinking if only I could own a personal computer, it would be easier for me to study doing an online research.

Web research was a required project for us in our computer subject back then. I even dread it when I had to go to a computer shop (which was several walks from our house). I found online research more complicated before compared to now. I’m glad we have Google now!

When I reached high school, I’m glad we started having our own computer at home. Most of our school projects also encouraged us to use internet for online research and to create presentations in Microsoft Powerpoint.

And then came Friendster which was a hit during my college days.  Since I’ve met several classmates in high school, it would be great to catch up with them through this most popular social network back then. I recall there were personal testimonials from close friends and classmates who visit your Friendster profile.

Soon I found my very first job in a Business Process Outsourcing company here in the Philippines. After several months of staying in that company, I received an invite from a colleague for a newcomer social network. And I was like why bother create another profile?!

It took me a while before finally joining one of the biggest social networks in the cyberspace now. That is Facebook!

I never thought I’d also dare to create a Facebook profile. That I’ll be eager to learning to use it without having to read a manual!  Kidding aside, this also led me to be temporarily addicted with Facebook games which became my pastime and favorite destressor.

And now we have Twitter which is one of my most favorite!  The first time I used it I felt at lost. I couldn’t understand what it is for.

But as I learned to explore using it I appreciated it even more. I got to learn using it by observing others how they use theirs.  I admit I get updates of latest news mostly from this site and I also learn from other people’s Twitter updates which is great!

Still there are other social media sites that have become popular to most people such as InstagramPinterest, and who would not forget Youtube!

Being socially active online seems to be a norm. Sometimes, it can get overwhelming but still they are great avenues for us to connect, not only to people who matter to us but also follow popular people whom we admire.

Changing your Perception of Beauty

I came across with this intriguing video shared on Facebook the other day. A friend even had her status about the video which made her cry so I watched it and even re-watched it for like a couple of times already.

I tried checking on Youtube and I was amazed since as of this writing, the 3 minute uploaded video already garnered 54 million views on Youtube!

Sometimes it’s also great to be reminded to appreciate and embrace more our natural beauty. And I believe nothing beats displaying our most beautiful smile!

Cheers and be inspired watching the video below: