Blogging Fixes

Today, I had some minor fixes in my WordPress blog. I wondered how the Share button is activated but I could not see it in my posts. Funny. I even tried to search it from the web only to personally discover it to myself!

Moving forward, I would like to share the following steps on how to activate ‘Sharing’ in your WordPress blog posts:

(1) Go to your Blog’s Dashboard.
(2) Look for the word Settings. (It can be found in the bottom left of your page.)
(3) Click ‘Sharing’.
(4) Choose which of the available services (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc.) you like to enable for sharing.
(5) Drag each service to the ‘Enabled Services’ box.

I hope the above steps have been helpful. I believe this is just one of my learning adventures here in WordPress. And I am actually enjoying every bit of it.


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