Why am I Blogging Anyway?

I still caught myself asking the same question. But who am I not to blog anyway?

Frankly speaking, I am actually feeling happy seeing some results with my blogging in WordPress. I must admit I had some hesitations to pursue blogging here. I was not comfortable using WordPress’ dashboard. I still think Blogger is much easier to use.

When I started creating my blog in WordPress, it felt like the first time I used Facebook. It was an awkward feeling. I was technology challenged to use something new especially when navigating through the site. I would even get impatient and frustrated not to find what I am looking for.

For the second time around, I started liking WordPress especially when I discovered something I did not notice before. I have also written it in my post, Blogging Fixes, where I listed a few steps how to show up ‘Sharing’ in your posts. Oh I really love that! Just imagine me patting my back for a job well done.

Indeed, great things come to those who have persevered and become patient. I am happy that I have overcome and now welcoming these changes as new learning.

Going back to the title of my post, why am I blogging anyway? Aside from developing a habit to write more often, I believe blogging could help me stretch more my writing potentials. I also believe it is my purpose to spread some positivity through my posts. Life is Beautiful!

One thought on “Why am I Blogging Anyway?

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