A Heavenly Sound

The first time I heard it I was immediately in love with it. Who would think I would like such instrument which is part of an orchestra? Every time I see a picture of an orchestra, my eyes would instantly be glued in only one instrument. And I especially like its majestic look. Guess what, I love hearing the sound of a harp! My interest started when my brother and I played in a piano keyboard. It is because of this sound that I’ve became hooked in really playing a beautifully made piano composition, Canon by Pachelbel. What I also like about the harp is I find its sound so heavenly that you would think an angel is beautifully playing it. Because of this, I would really love to hear someone playing a harp up close in my own eyes. I also hope to be able to get hold of a golden harp. That’s how I imagined it to be like.


3 thoughts on “A Heavenly Sound

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