Letting Go

Whenever I found myself somehow annoyed by a couple of email notices I received from one particular site, I always remember my former editor. He would always complain to me via email that he does not prefer to receive a number of notices. One of his reasons is that it would only distract him from focusing to answering only the important emails. Thinking about it now made me realize that I can easily relate to his grumble. The good thing for me though is that I can easily unsubscribe myself from other people’s mailing list especially when I find other information no longer valuable to me. Just like in real life, I know I must temporarily let go some people in my life who I think will not be helpful in my growth. Not that I wanted to distance myself from them for a lifetime. I know and I believe that I will also be seeing them again in perfect time. Since I decided to become happier and wealthier, I commit myself in improving myself more and more each day. Now my favorite line from a song Saving Grace goes something like this, “And I will rise on wings of eagles soaring high above all my fears…”


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