Tale of a Lost Phone

Leaving my mobile phone at home sometimes gets me paranoid. Today, I just left it or have I misplaced it? Anyway, I feel so incomplete as if I lost something! Perfect!

When I don’t have my phone with me, my mind starts to wonder about the many text messages left unread. I can just imagine what if there is an important message which I have to answer right away.

Since I am into business, I also have contacts saved in my mobile phone. Not creating a back-up list of contacts would indeed get me into paranoia. Aside from communicating with friends, using a mobile phone is definitely important especially when I have to attend immediately to the customer’s messages.

Personally, I also find my mobile phone useful especially when I feel alone sometimes. I would just text and pretend as if I have a text mate! Texting also serves as my outlet to talk to God whenever I feel like sharing something. I would usually type them in the Notes under Organizer. I feel that it is more secure for me than creating a message. I have an experience before that I received some messages in Inbox when they were only saved in Drafts. I really found that strange. Hence, I am taking safety precautions. Kidding aside, sharing something helps me become relieved especially in times of distress and even in my happiness state.

P.S. Just an update about my mobile phone, I have already found it! Glad I did! I realized I have only placed it inside my bag. It must have been hidden with the other stuffs. I must really keep an eye to my belongings the next time. =)


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