Worst Professor

Due to the sensitivity of today’s topic, I’m afraid I cannot disclose the name of a person who became a part of my past. This led me to bring to mind again my college life particularly my sophomore year.

I attended in one of my former professor’s Law class then.  In order to maintain high grades, it was usual for students to investigate the background of a professor whether he/she gives good or very poor marks to her previous students. This professor turned out to be a “terror”.  She is a terror in the sense that you would feel tensed if she would call out your name for a day’s recitation. If she is not impressed enough, you’d get a poor grade. I even learned that she is fond of giving failing marks! Hence, most of my supposed to be classmates dropped it and went to another class with a better professor.

Despite hearing negativity and also out of my deep courage, I decided to still stay in her Law class. I must admit that I somehow endured feeling tensed as if I am always called for a recitation. Sometimes, I find myself great but most of the time my recitation would turn into a crap. Maybe out of feeling pressured I almost forgot what to say. By the end of the term, I learned that I got a failing grade! It was shocking for me that I really cried because of the unexpected news. I thought I could still get even just a passing grade. I thought to myself that I could no longer remedy this.

As fate would have it, I made another oversight in my life. I attended again in her other Law class. I even learned that she might be cooler this time since she just separated with her husband. But I was wrong again! Perfect indeed! I received another failing mark from her for the second time around (as if I have not learned my lesson). By that time, I realized am supposed to choose other Law professors if I really wanted to pass.

Moving forward, I recognized that my past decisions way back in college made me wonder how courageous I am facing uncertainties. I believe these past experiences must serve as my inspiration to become braver in dealing with my life now.

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