Caution! Student Driver

The above statement reminded me of the first time I rode a car as a student driver. Mind you I drove a manual transmission car.  Since it was my first time, it was difficult for me to adjust placing my hands on the steering wheel and my feet on the pedals. Glad that I managed to find my way to be more comfortable sitting in a driver’s seat. My instructor would even remind me in case I forgot his instructions.

I started to find excitement as I drove in some key areas near our place.  I never thought driving could be just enjoying! However, I felt that my instructor would almost get into a heart attack when he sensed that I am driving way faster than he expected. Good thing instructors have their own brake pedal. (Glad I am safe!)

I also noticed that I have become more watchful by looking at the side mirrors whenever I make either a right or left turn. Little accomplishment makes me happier indeed! The only problem I had then was when we got stuck with traffic. The car engine would always get turned off. Then I would find myself starting the car engine again. I know I must still master it – the starting and stopping. I will get to that in perfect time. And hopefully I will also have my own car where I could practice often. Practice indeed will help me improve my driving skills. Can’t wait to see myself driving to my first solo trip at Tagaytay!

P.S. Tagaytay is one of the popular places in the Philippines where you can enjoy its cool weather, awesome food, and beautiful nature views like Taal Volcano.


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