AGE, Does it really Matter?

I honestly could not remember if I did. Whenever someone asks me of my age, I would always tell that someone to guess. Most of the time I find myself flattered because people mostly think I am younger than my real age. Who would not get overjoyed with such compliment! I could easily pass almost the age of people who are even five years younger than me.

Now I remember an author named Louise Hay. When I read one of her books, You Can Heal Your Life, she mentioned that when she became more optimistic she found that she looked 10 years younger than her age. I started become curious what she looks like in person. Then I found her photograph in her book and I was instantly amazed that she is indeed pretty. I also researched her name via Google. Though she looks past her prime now, I still could see how beautiful she is. My guess is she is now more than 70 years of age. But looking at her picture, I cannot help but still be amazed by her inspiring beauty.


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