Only Seventeen

Cover of "A Walk to Remember"

Cover of A Walk to Remember

This reminded me of a favorite song I enjoyed singing before. It was Mandy Moore’s song titled 17. I got hooked listening to her songs when her movie A Walk to Remember was shown in movie theaters several years ago.

Can’t believe it’s been a long time already! I was still in my teens then. I even told myself that when I turn 17, Mandy Moore’s song would be my banner song for that year. However, it’s inevitable for me that I would sing a different song after a few months of singing it countless times.

Anyway, it was because of that song that 17 became my favorite number. I still like that number up until today. I just feel that this song has somehow helped me to know myself better and know what I really wanted to do with my life.

As I read through the lyrics of the song 17, my favorite lines can be found in the second half of the Chorus which I am also sharing here:

Think I made my mind up
I got time to grow up
Face responsibility
Livin’ in the moment
Keepin’ my heart open
While I’m only 17


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