Moved Lyrically

Indeed music can somehow depict someone’s current state of mind and circumstance.  In a sentimental mood, it could even bring out one’s emotions in a different level.

At first hearing, it seems delightful because of the melodious sounds that transmit through airwaves. The lyrics, the beat, and the musical instruments being played just keep a person connected especially when it becomes relatable to the listener.  And then that sense of wonder one feels how that song could simply touch one’s heart.  It comes to mind that the makers are great genius for creating a song so close and personally moving.

When one cannot fully express one’s innermost deepest feelings, a particular song been humming for sometime would steadily bring out a link in a significant way.  As if that was specially tailor fitted to the listener or is it just a coincidental tune of interest.  Even a song in a different tongue can be pleasing to the ears when sang beautifully and harmoniously.  Certainly no language barriers can stop anyone from appreciating someone’s song.  Affective as it may seem and at times more like the heart lyrically cries out for pleas.

Most of the time it helps to just soak one’s self in a song.  Letting out in a musical way somehow releases a feeling of freeing one’s self from being drowned in a sea of conflicted state.  It is also in those moments that that one likens being true personably.

Music as it abounds in different genres and musical styles over time is amazingly ingenious. In the years to come it is imminent that another set of songs would come out for everyone to hear and hook up to.




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