Made to Choose

This quote reminded me of a movie I watched several hours ago. It was Anne Hathaway’s film entitled Devil Wears Prada. There was this scene when Anne’s character (Andy) had a conversation with her boss (Miranda) in a car where they talked about making choices. Andy told her boss that she did not have a choice when she was asked to go with her in Paris. She felt bad for Nigel since the latter expected he will get promoted as new president of a fashion label but it turned out another person got the position. That person was in competition with her boss being retained as an Editor-in-Chief in a magazine called Runway. Because of her disappointment to what she learned from her boss, she walked away and left her glamorous job. For the last time, her boss called her through her mobile phone. She chose not to answer it and then threw it on the fountain. Funny that I found that particular scene as one of my favorite! There came a time that I felt like wanting to throw away my own mobile phone. Good thing I never did.

Kidding aside, it is definitely challenging to be put into a situation where you have to make a difficult choice on your own. As if you are being bombarded with lots of pressures whether to continue proving what you can do but feel beaten or just end the misery by distancing yourself from all the negativities in order to bring back all the pieces again. It may be a difficult journey but whichever way to go, I am sure there would always be learning experiences.


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