Weekly Writing Challenge: Pink Abstraction

Upside Down

The photograph was taken with a punk style effect using our very own digital camera. This week’s writing challenge is all about abstraction and I am glad that I got a picture fitting for this week’s challenge. It’s good to know that an uploaded image via WordPress.com’s Media Library can be edited online. I tried using almost all the effects in my first tries such as cropping, flipping photos vertically and horizontally which I enjoyed since it is only now that I learned that there is an online photo editing tool on WordPress.com!

Regarding my newfound abstract photography skills, I chose to flip the above photo vertically on WordPress.com and then I realize that it did not drastically change at all. I can personally relate somehow because it seems to me that this one thing that I truly wanted to happen did happen but something just feels like I am feeling the same thing. It could be I may be looking for a missing piece in my life that I still wanted to fix but it would probably take time to catch up. I guess I need to overload my mind with so much gratefulness so I can see a much brighter morning every day!


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