Memoirs of a Hongkong Trip

Noah's Ark @ Hongkong

Noah’s Ark Hotel – It’s a great attraction in Hongkong and a memorable accommodation when we had an overnight quick vacation last year.  I must say it was a humorous trip for every one of us in the family especially with my father and brothers. 

I was thankful enough that I did my research before our scheduled trip on what mode of transportation to use.  I learned that it was best to ride a bus coming from the Hongkong International Airport. 

When we reached the bus stop for our accommodation, we were slightly bewildered since we cannot locate the hotel’s reception area. Unusual as it was for us, we kept looking for the right door until we realized we already went back and forth in the vicinity of the hotel. The slight embarrassment we felt only made us laugh at ourselves when finally we found the hotel’s reception area.

After all the major walking we had from locating the bus terminal in their airport up until reaching our hotel, all of us felt relieved that we can now sleep comfortably with our own beds.

Noah's Ark @ Hongkong