Pitch Perfect: Just The Way You Are

I just watched Pitch Perfect and I must say it has become one of my latest favorite films so far. I was initially intrigued with this movie since it became a top trending topic on Twitter Philippines not only once but a couple of times early this year! Few of my friends who had already seen it even suggested that I watch it.

Yesterday, I was browsing through Youtube to watch some cover versions of popular songs and there was this short video clip which got my attention. It showed a group of girls doing a mash up a cappella version of Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are and a song Just A Dream. I kind of sensed that the video clip might be part of a film I yearned to see. This curiosity of mine led me to finally watch it and voila I was indeed right!

Regarding the movie, I really enjoyed watching it and up to now I still keep on playing my favorite scenes especially when they performed a capella with their choreography. I found myself delighted because I appreciate singing and dancing which I both love. The actors and actresses were very impressive with their respective group performances. My bias is on the character named Fat Amy because she was hilariously a standout.

To end with, if you’re someone who is into music and singing and choreography, Pitch Perfect is certainly a joy to watch.


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