Why Sometimes It Pays to be Competitive


BADMINTON – I underestimated this sport before because I thought playing badminton is just easy as hitting the shuttlecock with a badminton racket. It looked easy to some aficionados but when I tried playing in one of our physical education classes in college, I realized it was a challenging sport for me.

The pressure hit me when we had to compete against our blockmates in badminton doubles so that we can get a high grade in that class. I was like making lots of errors in the first few rounds such as missing to hit a shuttle cock in the air, not being able to serve well, and most of our competitors were really great badminton players!

Though my badminton partner got somehow impatient because we kept losing, I focused more on how to win the succeeding games. What I did then was I kept practicing with my badminton partner every after our class for almost every day. And even while waiting for our turn in one of our badminton games, we kept practicing until I mastered a badminton technique called smash. I began to like using this technique more during games especially when our team was able to score better against our opponents. Along the way, I learned some tactics like when to use a low serve and to softly block a shuttlecock coming from the opposing team.

The efforts my badminton partner and I paid off since we were able to win most of the last few games we had. What is more rewarding and fulfilling was that our professor recognized our hard work during our practices since despite losing most of the games, we still got a high grade. And to think that I am not that sporty, it helped that my badminton experience pushed me to become better in a sport I never thought I can also be competitive.