Deja Vu…is it?

Notting Hill (film)

Notting Hill (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wonder if I did have prior experiences of déjà vu. When I searched through Google, I learned that it meant having a familiar experience or something already seen. Would I consider it déjà vu that I could have already watched a particular movie before?

I remember I told one of my friends that it seemed I had seen Notting Hill top billed by Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts but maybe it was just only in my dream. Then comes to mind a Les Miserables song called I Dreamed a Dream. Well, what I am definitely sure of is that Notting Hill’s famous soundtrack is Ronan Keating’s popular song When You Say Nothing At All. It even had a female version which I enjoyed listening to and I find the song sentimental as it only brings back memories from the past. I even had an MTV feeling when I heard it being played in a bus. I was like singing along while the song is being played and at the same time feeling it. That time I had a schedule of entrance collegiate exam in a prestigious university which also became my alma mater.

What came to my realization just now is that I would always have nostalgic feeling with the places I had gone to.  Beautiful memories I shared with good friends would immediately bring flashbacks in mind. Just like when my mom and I went to Cebu City almost three years ago, I began to remember the laughter and excitement my friends had during our stay in a hotel. Since we knew that our brothers were staying in another room, we girls would knock at their room door to check them out. Each room has its own phone line which we also used as a way to connect and chit chat with our friends by ringing their phones in their respective rooms. When my mom and I stayed in the same hotel we stayed before, this made me relive the funny fun moments which up to now still puts a smile on me.