Cat Being Posy

cutie cat

Today I found myself running out of words to say
I kept pushing my brain cells to produce some thoughts to share
Then I turned myself on topics to give me a dose of inspiration
Even went to listening to a few songs just to perk up my mind
I searched for photos to draw some ideas to write
But end up looking at funny poses of a cat I captured in the camera before
Childhood memories began to cross my mind like a movie rewind
Led me to realize I have fascination with cats and kittens
Their cute demeanor all the more makes them look so adorable
I bet it’s best to observe them playing around in a curious cutesy manner

funny pic of a cat


2 thoughts on “Cat Being Posy

  1. Hilarious! The contrast of statue pose and cat position and the look on the cat’s face is precious. Conquered and held in a head-lock! Meowr!!

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