Calgon, Take me Away!

As suggested in today’s daily prompt, I went to the third post that I see from my WordPress Reader which led me to’s Freshly Pressed: Friday Faves.  The message I got from the third sentence of its latest post was Forget Calgon!

I got curious and wondered what on earth Calgon by the way. Upon clicking the hyper-linked sentence, I was directed to a Youtube video realizing that it was about a bath soap commercial from 1980s! It’s understandable that I never knew about the product since it’s not a known commercial brand for me and to think I was not born then.

Well anyway, I liked the closing line in the commercial when it mentioned about pampering yourself in luxury just like the featured photo below. It’s like a modern take of cooling away in a bath tub this summer heat.

MMhhh...... relax

MMhhh…… relax (Photo credit: Conanil)


9 thoughts on “Calgon, Take me Away!

  1. I’ve never seen a bathtub like that, but now I want one!

  2. I liked where the prompt led you today as I, like you would have been ignorant about the product

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  5. Hmmmm I wouldn’t mine a soak in that bath.

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  8. That’s a cool bath tub!

  9. omg I miss Calgon so badly! Fantastic stuff.

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