Just Give Me a Reason

I felt guilty that I was not able to post daily in my WordPress blog before.  But early this year I resurrected my blogging interest sharing things I derive mostly from my past personal experiences, my own personal thoughts, and to WordPress.com’s Daily Prompt. There were even times when I also clicked the “Inspire Me” link (via posting New Post found top right of blog page) just to help me squeeze out my thoughts into blog writing.  

inspire me

It’s nice to be prompted again with such a question whether I have fulfilled my goal of daily posting. Well I did last March 2013 where I managed to keep up despite staying up late. Blog writing is definitely a challenge more so posting daily. A couple of times I kept asking myself why I still blog. It’s no joke to write about a topic of interest even when I’m prompted to answer a question. There are times that I’m not comfortable sharing it or I find myself having difficulty translating my thoughts into written words.

to blog or not to blog

But being able to come up with a great post is something fulfilling on my part as well. It just feels great to have successfully put into writing what I have in mind. And then I will realize that I have already written not only sentences but a couple of paragraphs much to my surprise and delight!

I once read an article that writing daily is good since it helps one to be reflective on what has happened in his/her daily life. What’s even more pleasing is to be able to read previous posts realizing I wrote something I never thought I have something to share and even inspire.

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I was browsing the web when I come across this slide presentation. Its teaser title caught my attention which intrigued me to read the whole presentation with its visuals. Really an interesting read especially to people (like me) who sometimes struggles to write.

Blogging Fixes

Today, I had some minor fixes in my WordPress blog. I wondered how the Share button is activated but I could not see it in my posts. Funny. I even tried to search it from the web only to personally discover it to myself!

Moving forward, I would like to share the following steps on how to activate ‘Sharing’ in your WordPress blog posts:

(1) Go to your Blog’s Dashboard.
(2) Look for the word Settings. (It can be found in the bottom left of your page.)
(3) Click ‘Sharing’.
(4) Choose which of the available services (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc.) you like to enable for sharing.
(5) Drag each service to the ‘Enabled Services’ box.

I hope the above steps have been helpful. I believe this is just one of my learning adventures here in WordPress. And I am actually enjoying every bit of it.