Cat Being Posy

cutie cat

Today I found myself running out of words to say
I kept pushing my brain cells to produce some thoughts to share
Then I turned myself on topics to give me a dose of inspiration
Even went to listening to a few songs just to perk up my mind
I searched for photos to draw some ideas to write
But end up looking at funny poses of a cat I captured in the camera before
Childhood memories began to cross my mind like a movie rewind
Led me to realize I have fascination with cats and kittens
Their cute demeanor all the more makes them look so adorable
I bet it’s best to observe them playing around in a curious cutesy manner

funny pic of a cat


Moved Lyrically

Indeed music can somehow depict someone’s current state of mind and circumstance.  In a sentimental mood, it could even bring out one’s emotions in a different level.

At first hearing, it seems delightful because of the melodious sounds that transmit through airwaves. The lyrics, the beat, and the musical instruments being played just keep a person connected especially when it becomes relatable to the listener.  And then that sense of wonder one feels how that song could simply touch one’s heart.  It comes to mind that the makers are great genius for creating a song so close and personally moving.

When one cannot fully express one’s innermost deepest feelings, a particular song been humming for sometime would steadily bring out a link in a significant way.  As if that was specially tailor fitted to the listener or is it just a coincidental tune of interest.  Even a song in a different tongue can be pleasing to the ears when sang beautifully and harmoniously.  Certainly no language barriers can stop anyone from appreciating someone’s song.  Affective as it may seem and at times more like the heart lyrically cries out for pleas.

Most of the time it helps to just soak one’s self in a song.  Letting out in a musical way somehow releases a feeling of freeing one’s self from being drowned in a sea of conflicted state.  It is also in those moments that that one likens being true personably.

Music as it abounds in different genres and musical styles over time is amazingly ingenious. In the years to come it is imminent that another set of songs would come out for everyone to hear and hook up to.



What Love Is

While browsing in the internet, I saw the following poem when I searched about the ever loved lines from 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.  These were even made emphasis by Nicolas Sparks in a book which later became a movie called A Walk to Remember. The book is actually my most favorite book of his. Whenever I think about the meaning of love, I always remember that it comes from a particular epistle written by St. Paul. Here’s an edited version by Dr. David Alan Black for our continuous appreciation.

Love is very patient,
Love is very kind,
Love is never envious
Or vaunted up with pride.

Nor is she conceited,
And never is she rude,
Never does she think of self
Or ever get annoyed.

She never is resentful,
Is never glad with sin,
But always glad to side with truth,
Whene’er the truth should win.

She bears up under everything,
Believes the best in all,
There is no limit to her hope,
And never will she fall.

Poem Credits:

When Frustration Sinks In

I feel so lost or am I really lost? I’ve read tons of pages from an e-book I subscribed and even bought. Funny that I even thought of no longer buying e-books online but here I am out of my curiosity again. I gave it a try for the last time. I really thought so. I could have been pressured to open it thinking I would learn a lot. I did but I could have been so overwhelmed. Information overload I must say.

A few hours ago, I even wrote how disappointed I am with what I’ve purchased. I charged my credit card again. I know am supposed to control my cash outflows (unless they’re really important). I hate to say it “broke”. No, I still believe I could get all my investment back by pushing myself to take that necessary action. I felt that it is my current need at this moment. Yes, I need some action!

I am about to feel depression but as I have promised myself, I will only be entertaining positive thoughts. It seems that I am becoming an expert in repelling negative thoughts. I know I have to take quick action very soon. I also realized I have motivated myself enough that it’s really time for me to just do it. I know it may sound repetitive but I think I must instill this in my mind so that I will no longer be coward to overcome all my fears.

Yes, I gotta be Fearless. That’s why I liked about the title of Taylor Swift’s song, “Fearless”. I feel that that word is so powerful to me. I read somewhere that becoming fearless is not the absence of fear but becoming courageous despite all the fears.