There is Always a Way

There is Always a Way

Simple words of reassurance are sometimes enough to propel us  to keep moving forward and continue to carry on with life!

Rejection and Redirection

Isle in Palawan

Rejection gives you the opportunity to look in another direction at things you might not have seen otherwise. ~The Single Woman

I heard a similar quote before and it is only now that I am beginning to understand its meaning. Maybe because I have ignored the things I thought were just okay for me but it turned out that I was also hurt in the process. There were times that I would immediately shrug them off thinking I can manage them in just a snap of my finger. But lo and behold, I found myself in crying state because it was only then that I realized I was not successful with my pursuit.

The denial feeling may have temporarily appeased the broken heartedness but that did not totally solve the problem. I realized to myself that it is alright for me to let myself feel dramatic at times and just for a moment feel the pain. And that I also got to embrace my own flaws because it is through them that I am learning to love myself more.

My journey towards fulfilling a personal dream has been a learning experience for me as I get to discover my potentials and other things I am eager to pursue, that is to be helpful in the best way I can especially to the people I care for. I believe those hurtful events of my life just happened so I can learn to let go of the unnecessary things and relearn to make wiser priorities.

I never thought the rejections I had even allowed me to reassess the things I wanted to achieve and to discover what I truly want which I have been asking myself a lot lately. This could also be the reason why I encountered a couple of failures, before realizing that it meant I am being redirected to a different and much better path to tread on. I am overwhelmingly grateful for those experiences because they encouraged me to become bolder and braver in fulfilling my personal goals. And because of that, I look forward for better opportunities to improve in every aspect of my life – emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually.

Looking back at all of my past disappointments and frustrations, I am glad that I am becoming more appreciative of the simpler things I used to neglect my attention to and at the same time, aiming higher far reaching what I am destined to be.

Made to Choose

This quote reminded me of a movie I watched several hours ago. It was Anne Hathaway’s film entitled Devil Wears Prada. There was this scene when Anne’s character (Andy) had a conversation with her boss (Miranda) in a car where they talked about making choices. Andy told her boss that she did not have a choice when she was asked to go with her in Paris. She felt bad for Nigel since the latter expected he will get promoted as new president of a fashion label but it turned out another person got the position. That person was in competition with her boss being retained as an Editor-in-Chief in a magazine called Runway. Because of her disappointment to what she learned from her boss, she walked away and left her glamorous job. For the last time, her boss called her through her mobile phone. She chose not to answer it and then threw it on the fountain. Funny that I found that particular scene as one of my favorite! There came a time that I felt like wanting to throw away my own mobile phone. Good thing I never did.

Kidding aside, it is definitely challenging to be put into a situation where you have to make a difficult choice on your own. As if you are being bombarded with lots of pressures whether to continue proving what you can do but feel beaten or just end the misery by distancing yourself from all the negativities in order to bring back all the pieces again. It may be a difficult journey but whichever way to go, I am sure there would always be learning experiences.