Jeepney Ride

Sing the Blues

I was riding a jeepney going to a place I planned to go to do some errands on a busy afternoon.

I paid my fare by passing it to a co-passenger who in turn passed it to another co-passenger until it reached the jeepney driver. I waited for a change to be returned to me since I know I did not pay an exact amount of fare.

A couple of seconds went by, I suddenly noticed this cute little girl who sat on the lap of her mother I presume.  She began acting out with her mouth from which I thought she was talking with another person she knows who is seated in front of her.

It was like she was imparting a message I could not decipher.

And then it took sometime before I realized she was just letting all out a song lyrics from a familiar Filipino song currently being played in a radio in the same jeepney. That’s when I really get what she was doing!

I was kind of amused at her because of her facial expressions while singing the song with her feelings. She looked as if she really understood its meaning and even knew the lyrics by heart.

I started to wonder if this cute little kid was aware she’s being watched and she appeared like she did not care at all as long as she sings along with the song.

Suddenly, I found myself grinning amusingly. I remember myself also doing what the young lass did but in a barely simple manner. Most people in my younger days would even say that when you sing along feeling the song, you are acting as if you are in your own MTV!

And sometimes I can’t help not just listening to it but also humming a few lyrics from a song. There are some days like when I’m strolling in the mall or riding in a bus or any means of transport, I feel like barely singing especially when I hear my favorite tune.

The song I was referring to became one of the much loved Philippine theme songs for a Korean TV series that was shown in our country.


What Makes You Beautiful

Every time I listen to this One Direction song being played in a radio especially when I’m malling, it just makes me feel good!  The lyrics and the beat of this song continue to transmit good vibes that I keep on singing it even in my head. I feel like this song speaks to me in a way reminding me that being just the way I am is already enough. At times I fail to recognize that a cheerful smile, a positive aura, and feeling good about myself especially the love from my family already make me feel effortlessly beautiful.

Beautiful Thing (song)

Fridate Tune – Good Time

I wake up at twilight
It’s gonna be alright
We don’t even have to try
It’s always a good time

Woah-oh-oh-oh Woah-oh-oh-oh
It’s always a good time
Woah-oh-oh-oh Woah-oh-oh-oh
We don’t even have to try, it’s always a good time.

I woke up very early this morning at the same time realizing that I sang this collaboration song in my dream! It was also the first time I had a musical dream and I recall becoming aware that I sang minor wrong lyrics which I just laughed off with a friend who is also in my dream. Still I proceeded singing this tune with gusto as if I’m part of a music video.

Carly Rae Jepsen Brings 'Kiss' to Walmart Soun...

I find this song fitting and in good timing to serve as my current song in mind since I planned to go out and join a concert tonight but end up staying at home because of unavoidable personal circumstances and from which I immediately accepted. I was also supposed to go to a reunion yesterday and since I was feeling a lot sleepy I opt not to go instead. I just told myself that there are some events in life which are not meant to happen right now.

From my two successive cancelled trips, it turned out that I have more productive things to accomplish which I just chose to treasure. Realizing that there might be more important matters which needed my focused attention this time and in the near future I know I’ll also get to enjoy all the fruits of patient waiting.

Brighter than the Sun

This song has been playing as a music jingle in a TV commercial currently shown here in the Philippines. The opening part of the song specifically the beats and the instrumentals are playful in my ears and thus becoming a last song syndrome for me these past few days. A summery upbeat song like this can somehow make my heart joyful and I especially like the part when the ad is ended with the lyrics sang by Colbie Caillat:

“Shining how we want…Brighter than the Sun!”

One Step Closer

I found the song of Christina Perri called A Thousand Years nostalgic and reminiscing.  At first hearing I just ignored this song because I thought of it as so serious and dramatic. But after watching Breaking Dawn Part 2 last year, I found the song beautifully effective in capturing my attention especially during the closing credits of the film. While playing the song, they specially mentioned and showed old clips of previous actors and actresses who became part of the movie series since the Twilight film. It hit me that the movie series has already ended realizing that it’s been years since I followed watching it via the movie houses in a nearest mall. I was feeling like I am about to let go a film which I never thought I would. I somehow felt attached with the story though I have not really read the books of Stephanie Meyer. I prefer watching the film instead so I will not be disappointed just like others who read them.

My brother who is really gifted with playing music has recently practiced singing this song with his guitar.  Soon I found myself humming the song again.  I really like how it was played with piano as an accompaniment in the recorded song but my appreciation grew even more when it is also being played with a guitar.  Every time I listen to it I feel like being drawn more with the lyrics and its meaning.  I am the type of person who not only likes a song with its melody but also the content of the song.

As I also searched the video lyrics of the song through Youtube, I was not expecting that Christina Perri’s song has a part 2!  It’s good to hear that a song you currently like has another version though the lyrics are just minimal changes compared to the original version still I enjoyed listening to both versions!

Moved Lyrically

Indeed music can somehow depict someone’s current state of mind and circumstance.  In a sentimental mood, it could even bring out one’s emotions in a different level.

At first hearing, it seems delightful because of the melodious sounds that transmit through airwaves. The lyrics, the beat, and the musical instruments being played just keep a person connected especially when it becomes relatable to the listener.  And then that sense of wonder one feels how that song could simply touch one’s heart.  It comes to mind that the makers are great genius for creating a song so close and personally moving.

When one cannot fully express one’s innermost deepest feelings, a particular song been humming for sometime would steadily bring out a link in a significant way.  As if that was specially tailor fitted to the listener or is it just a coincidental tune of interest.  Even a song in a different tongue can be pleasing to the ears when sang beautifully and harmoniously.  Certainly no language barriers can stop anyone from appreciating someone’s song.  Affective as it may seem and at times more like the heart lyrically cries out for pleas.

Most of the time it helps to just soak one’s self in a song.  Letting out in a musical way somehow releases a feeling of freeing one’s self from being drowned in a sea of conflicted state.  It is also in those moments that that one likens being true personably.

Music as it abounds in different genres and musical styles over time is amazingly ingenious. In the years to come it is imminent that another set of songs would come out for everyone to hear and hook up to.