Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

I got this picture when we had our side trip in Camarines Sur just last weekend. We were supposed to bathe in a hot spring but we had our picture takings in their place instead. Among the many sightings we went to, the above picture is one of the most enchanting sight I saw. Since this weekend’s photo challenge is about refuge, it also reminded me of a beautiful lyrics from Hillsong‘s With You:

I will sing about
Everything You are, always
I will tell the world
Everything You’ve done in me

I stand on higher ground
I was lost but now I’m here

With You, my refuge
My stronghold, always
With You, faithful one
Holding on
I am always with You!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity

I have been thinking to get a picture for this week’s photo challenge. Unfortunately, I have not captured one so I searched for some old pictures instead until I found this one. Anyway, this picture was actually taken by me in a wedding reception of my cousin. The picture sparked my curiosity since I found it intriguing how people could create such a majestic and beautiful looking chandelier. And I still can’t help but be mesmerized by its elegance and timelessness.