Through It All

One of my favorite worship songs from Hillsong is called Through It All. This song hold special place in my heart. Why? Because whenever I feel down, I always get myself to listen with this song more intently. I also love its meaningful lyrics especially the first few lines like “You are forever in my life you see me through the seasons…”. For me this whole song is an assurance that God will always be there for me no matter what.

A Perfect Sunday

My idea of a perfect Sunday is when our family is happily enjoying each other’s company. We start the day by attending a beautiful Sunday mass. I expect everyone in the church actively participating in the singing of songs with the choir. Morning worship follows and is led by an empowering worship leader. Then I find myself happily witnessing people worshipping in the church with so much passion. Even I can’t help but sing all praises and worship to Him. After the whole worship session, my father asks us to eat for lunch at Resorts World Manila. Then we find ourselves roaming in the different leisure spots near the place. We get to bond and enjoy every moment with glee and laughter in our faces. As we head back to our home, I now find myself lovingly driving our Family Car, Gold Grand Starex.