Meal Feast

Getting exiled in a private island, I thought of being transported to the beautiful island of Palawan! It’s a coincidence that I saw this picture from an article on Yahoo News while doing this blog post.

Ariara Island, Palawan

Ariara Island, Palawan

As for the five foods I wish they supply me with, I would mostly choose mouthwatering seafoods as my viand such as calamares, grilled fish, shrimp then eat them with salted eggs and fresh tomatoes. And how can I not forget to request a cooked rice as my fifth dish to complete my meal for the day!

Food Adventurous with Champorado


Champorado (Photo credit: joshwept)

Thinking more about being local, the first thing that comes to mind is eating a champorado in the comforts of our home! Champorado or chocolate colored rice porridge in the Philippines has also become one of my favorite comfort food especially when it’s a rainy weather. I tried eating one in a local restaurant but nothing beats a home cooked champorado. It became my preferred snack during rainy days because I find it easy to prepare and cook it! I would only need the excess uneaten rice from a previous meal, unsweetened tablea or cacao chocolate, and brown sugar. First I will cook the excess rice with water in a rice pot then mix it with tablea which I let it melted. Afterwards, I will add some sugar depending on my taste bud and I prefer champorado to have just enough sweetness. When it’s already cooked and served in a plate, I top it with powdered milk but some put evaporated milk instead. Well it really depends on anyone’s preferences. In our province, I even tried to include fried shrimp in my champorado which I also found tasty and delicious!

Oh Summer!

Black sesame soft ice cream. in Kakunodate, Ak...

Black sesame soft ice cream. in Kakunodate, Akita, Japan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really feel that it is summer already! Imagine swimming in a beach, eating an ice cream, or going to a nearest air-conditioned mall just to lessen the hotness feeling of the current weather in my beloved country today.

Even the steaming heat inside our house is becoming apparent to me. I sometimes cannot stand to stay in one place although there is already an electric fan directly fanned at me. Taking a bath is definitely a breeze since it makes me feel a lot better and feel cooler inside.

Times like this let me ask myself when it will rain again so as to temporarily downgrade the high temperature we currently experience. This also makes me miss a showery like weather! I even wished that we will have it before the summer season becomes official next week according to our local weather station. And I hardly believe that it isn’t summer yet since the heat is sometimes intolerable especially when there is no air moving around to keep the place colder even at night time.

Just a thought: I wonder why when it’s raining a lot that we look forward for some sunshine and when the weather is too sunny that we are looking out for rains.