Tears of Joy

maya and abbyl

Be Careful With My Heart’s Maya and Abby
Photo Sources: [L] Maya and Abby, [R] Maya

For some reason I cry while watching attentively to a light drama. I get easily touched especially when I’ve known the characters since the series started and find them empathizing with the current situation they are both in.

Like when the nanny who has been looking after the mute child since she became one finally hears the latter talking was really moving. Though it was a simple scene and without being overly dramatic in their acting, I too cried with the characters as if I also knew them personally.

I also found myself crying when I watched an anime character doing everything she can just so she can save not only the world but also the person whom the small lady (or her real daughter from the future) became friends with. This may appear shallow to some but I found the particular scene where she almost broke down dramatically stirring.


Super Sailormoon

Knowing the crazy funny side of the protagonists from the two different series, I came to realize that the goodness they have in them was the great factor why I shed those tears of joy. It may also be that I still appreciate the inner unique goodness of people especially those who genuinely care not only for the special people in their lives but also for others’ well-being.