There is Always a Way

There is Always a Way

Simple words of reassurance are sometimes enough to propel us  to keep moving forward and continue to carry on with life!

My Only Hope

What gives me hope? The song, Only Hope, came up to my mind instantly. I was first in love with it when I heard and watched Mandy Moore sing it in her movie, A Walk to Remember. I am hoping I could sing this lovely song someday. Who knows?

Going back to the question, what gives me hope is my belief that I can also be successful in my chosen career path. I have been down once, twice, thrice, and even countless times that I cannot let myself be drowned with self-pity again. It’s time that I move forward courageously especially in writing more posts here in WordPress. Frankly, I love seeing progress in my blogging and I enjoy seeing more improvements from me in the coming months ahead.

I would like to end this post with this beautifully made video clip of Only Hope which was sung originally by Switchfoot.