Cat Being Posy

cutie cat

Today I found myself running out of words to say
I kept pushing my brain cells to produce some thoughts to share
Then I turned myself on topics to give me a dose of inspiration
Even went to listening to a few songs just to perk up my mind
I searched for photos to draw some ideas to write
But end up looking at funny poses of a cat I captured in the camera before
Childhood memories began to cross my mind like a movie rewind
Led me to realize I have fascination with cats and kittens
Their cute demeanor all the more makes them look so adorable
I bet it’s best to observe them playing around in a curious cutesy manner

funny pic of a cat

Funniest People I Know

Robin Williams. I especially liked him when he played Mrs. Doubtfire in a movie with the same title. I really enjoyed watching that movie in a VHS tape way back in my grade school years. My brothers and I would always watch it early in the morning every day. We watched it like countless times that we almost memorized and expected what’s the next scene. The funny thing is we never get tired watching it. We had some laughter till our hearts’ content. We would even rewind or fast forward the video player and then we find ourselves laughing especially when the video becomes fast in the funniest part of the movie where he dressed like a woman. I just can’t forget those happy childhood memories I shared with my brothers. That was when we had our vacation at our province in Surigao del Sur, Philippines.

Bo Sanchez. Bo Sanchez is one of the most inspiring and popular preachers in the Philippines. I believe he is the most popular preacher I know online. Anyway, the first time I got the chance to hear him was in a Real Estate Seminar I attended last year. (It was the first ever seminar I attended using my own savings as my investment.) I was really amazed seeing him talking that it was such a nice treat to be able to see him up close.  Isn’t ironic that I almost ignored reading a Kerygma magazine (where he also writes) way back in my senior high. I really find him humorous when he delivers his talks that I can’t help myself but laugh at his jokes and fun stories.

Myself. I really love myself. Though I may still appear snobbish to some, I also find myself funny. When I was still working in a company, I would always make some of my friends feel happy especially when I am no longer that busy answering emails. I just love making people more comfortable especially when I notice them in the brink of stress. Just today, I found myself funny doing an exit interview. Can’t believe it has been more than five months since I resigned from my first and last employee job (after I graduated from college). I somehow felt nervous when I learned I am about to be interviewed again. I forgot to mentally prepare myself for an exit interview! Nevertheless, I told myself to just be comfortable answering the questions. Because of being too much comfortable, I was not able to answer the interview in straight English and I end up asking also the interviewer! My beautiful excuse was that it’s an exit interview.

Bonus: I was like a free rider when I went home riding a bus this morning. I was actually wondering why I cannot see the bus conductor roaming around the bus. I only managed to half sleep. I would always do that especially when I feel dizzy or get tired. And off I go when I saw that our subdivision is almost near. I just told the bus driver that I am about to get out. Naughty me!