Why Keep Learning

“I think it’s so important to keep learning and keep your brain active.”
~ Beverley Mitchell

Such a coincidence that WordPress.com’s latest topic is about going back to school.

I longed to see myself studying again to improve myself. I also feel excited of learning specific skills at my own pace and time.

Back in college, our professor asked us in one of my subjects to create a website as our project. Since we’re grouped as duo and to make things easier, I volunteered to do it for us two. And I used Microsoft FrontPage then.

I felt prouder of myself when our professor gave us the highest grade for that project. I remember I made an online clothing shop which I derived inspiration from popular online clothing shops then. I know basic HTML. What I did was to copy easy to understand HTML codes from a small Computer book.

Just thinking about how I made a website before made me wonder how I really did it! I could have been motivated so much since it was required in our class. It was only one subject but that made me revisit my old interest to pursue learning more about it!

And I believe it’s never too late to learn something that interests me!