Got Myself a Time Machine

Today’s topic made me laugh a bit. Never thought I could think of a quick answer.

Love Story by Taylor Swift

Image by C-Factory worker via Flickr

Anyway, if I were to really have a time machine in my hands I would love to go to medieval times. I don’t know why but I am just so fascinated seeing women wearing fancy dresses in that period. I would even imagine myself wearing a pretty medieval gown and looking like a highly respected, elegant lady.

Now this line from a very popular song suddenly popped into my mind: “See the light, see the party the ball gowns…”

And if really given the chance to spend an hour in medieval times, I would like to experience living a classy life wearing beautiful gowns, hats, and great looking shoes.

For a princess like look, I would love to try Taylor Swift’s look from her music video Love Story especially when she dances with her prince.