What’s wrong with 13?

It’s the 13th day of the month and the 13th day of the year.

Actually I used to think 13 to be as negative. Most of the people I know would associate this number to bad luck. I believe there are also downsides to being so superstitious. I must admit I was like that. In my sophomore year as high school student, I did not like my class number which was obviously 13.

That time, I felt like that year was not a good year for me. I did not enjoy being with some of my classmates in one of my subjects. I felt like a slow learner compared to my super smart classmates. I guess I just did not like the pressure of maintaining high grades then. I kept blaming my class number. And that’s what you call negativity.

But as years went by, my thinking towards 13 has changed. I even feel that 13th day is such a great blessing for me.

First, I found out it was the 13th day of May when Mama Mary first appeared in Fatima. In her follow-up apparitions, she would appear every 13th day of the month until October. A miracle also happened on October 13th. Up to now, I am still in awe about this beautiful realization. Because of that I even dreamed of visiting Fatima in Portugal someday.

Second, I experienced a great emotional transformation after my mom and I attended a powerful seminar last November 13. From being depressed for several months, I became more positive about the things that happened to me. I also realized it was a great timing that we attended that seminar.

Third, I believe this day is going to be a wonderful journey for me towards realizing my great potentials. I must admit I still have fears inside of me. But I know I will be able to overcome them very very soon. If others can do it, why can’t I?

Our Deepest Fear

I have become consciously thinking about my fears lately. Yes, fears that hold me back from pursuing my GOALS in life. One of which is to Blog More Often this 2011. I even learned that most of the fears we have are only created by our mind.

So what really is our deepest fear? A video clip taken from the movie, Coach Carter, suddenly caught my attention. And voila my first post here in WordPress has been created! Check out the video below and let us be more than inspired to pursue all our hearts’ desires. Enjoy! =)