Music Wednesday – Heart Attack!

Teen singer Demi Lovato performing

Just recently updated myself with the latest popular songs being played in a music video channel in the Philippines called MYX! When I switched to this channel last weekend, I was welcomed with its current week top 20 international songs.

I waited until it reached the current #1 music video which is ‘Heart Attack’ sang by one of my favorite international singers Demi Lovato! I like the tone of her voice and the way she sings especially when she reaches the high notes.

And then while searching the song Heart Attack on Youtube, I also saw a version of this song which I also immediately enjoyed listening to.

How I Keep Myself Fired Up

Guess what? I am featuring another video. Thanks to youtube. =)

It has become my habit in the morning to listen to Katy Perry’s Firework. I would even find myself singing with so much gusto. When I really like a song, I would always sing and even memorize the song’s lyrics.

Anyway, I only learned about Katy Perry’s Firework when I watched MYX‘s Countdown last December 31, 2010. I love the song’s message so go and watch this beautiful music video.