Last Kiss

I have been humming ang singing this song for several days already. I cannot even recall where I was able to first saw this video. But the moment I listen to the song, I have become instantly addicted especially how beautifully harmonious the singers did in their cover.

The song is called Last Kiss which is originally sang by Taylor Swift. Boyce Avenue did an amazing cover again but this time they collaborated with the newcomers/lovely duo Megan and Liz who are twins! I thought I was wrong since you can easily recognize who is Megan and Liz not only with their hairstyles but also with their faces.

Anyway, it seems ironic that I instantly liked the song though I do not have such past experience. I also listened to Taylor Swift’s song but I seem to like this cover version better maybe because I can really feel the feelings conveyed in the song that I also enjoyed singing it!

When Frustration Sinks In

I feel so lost or am I really lost? I’ve read tons of pages from an e-book I subscribed and even bought. Funny that I even thought of no longer buying e-books online but here I am out of my curiosity again. I gave it a try for the last time. I really thought so. I could have been pressured to open it thinking I would learn a lot. I did but I could have been so overwhelmed. Information overload I must say.

A few hours ago, I even wrote how disappointed I am with what I’ve purchased. I charged my credit card again. I know am supposed to control my cash outflows (unless they’re really important). I hate to say it “broke”. No, I still believe I could get all my investment back by pushing myself to take that necessary action. I felt that it is my current need at this moment. Yes, I need some action!

I am about to feel depression but as I have promised myself, I will only be entertaining positive thoughts. It seems that I am becoming an expert in repelling negative thoughts. I know I have to take quick action very soon. I also realized I have motivated myself enough that it’s really time for me to just do it. I know it may sound repetitive but I think I must instill this in my mind so that I will no longer be coward to overcome all my fears.

Yes, I gotta be Fearless. That’s why I liked about the title of Taylor Swift’s song, “Fearless”. I feel that that word is so powerful to me. I read somewhere that becoming fearless is not the absence of fear but becoming courageous despite all the fears.

Got Myself a Time Machine

Today’s topic made me laugh a bit. Never thought I could think of a quick answer.

Love Story by Taylor Swift

Image by C-Factory worker via Flickr

Anyway, if I were to really have a time machine in my hands I would love to go to medieval times. I don’t know why but I am just so fascinated seeing women wearing fancy dresses in that period. I would even imagine myself wearing a pretty medieval gown and looking like a highly respected, elegant lady.

Now this line from a very popular song suddenly popped into my mind: “See the light, see the party the ball gowns…”

And if really given the chance to spend an hour in medieval times, I would like to experience living a classy life wearing beautiful gowns, hats, and great looking shoes.

For a princess like look, I would love to try Taylor Swift’s look from her music video Love Story especially when she dances with her prince.