Playlist of the Week: Wide Awake to Own Today







One Step Closer

I found the song of Christina Perri called A Thousand Years nostalgic and reminiscing.  At first hearing I just ignored this song because I thought of it as so serious and dramatic. But after watching Breaking Dawn Part 2 last year, I found the song beautifully effective in capturing my attention especially during the closing credits of the film. While playing the song, they specially mentioned and showed old clips of previous actors and actresses who became part of the movie series since the Twilight film. It hit me that the movie series has already ended realizing that it’s been years since I followed watching it via the movie houses in a nearest mall. I was feeling like I am about to let go a film which I never thought I would. I somehow felt attached with the story though I have not really read the books of Stephanie Meyer. I prefer watching the film instead so I will not be disappointed just like others who read them.

My brother who is really gifted with playing music has recently practiced singing this song with his guitar.  Soon I found myself humming the song again.  I really like how it was played with piano as an accompaniment in the recorded song but my appreciation grew even more when it is also being played with a guitar.  Every time I listen to it I feel like being drawn more with the lyrics and its meaning.  I am the type of person who not only likes a song with its melody but also the content of the song.

As I also searched the video lyrics of the song through Youtube, I was not expecting that Christina Perri’s song has a part 2!  It’s good to hear that a song you currently like has another version though the lyrics are just minimal changes compared to the original version still I enjoyed listening to both versions!

Got Myself a Time Machine

Today’s topic made me laugh a bit. Never thought I could think of a quick answer.

Love Story by Taylor Swift

Image by C-Factory worker via Flickr

Anyway, if I were to really have a time machine in my hands I would love to go to medieval times. I don’t know why but I am just so fascinated seeing women wearing fancy dresses in that period. I would even imagine myself wearing a pretty medieval gown and looking like a highly respected, elegant lady.

Now this line from a very popular song suddenly popped into my mind: “See the light, see the party the ball gowns…”

And if really given the chance to spend an hour in medieval times, I would like to experience living a classy life wearing beautiful gowns, hats, and great looking shoes.

For a princess like look, I would love to try Taylor Swift’s look from her music video Love Story especially when she dances with her prince.