My Valentine’s Day

Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950-1960

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It seems this day has become a holiday.  I believe it is great to start this week with lots of love! My mom and I just went to the mall to buy some stuff needed for our ICON at Camarines Sur. As I walked inside the mall, I started noticing some people either wearing a pink or a red shirt. Guess what I wore today? I wore a purple blouse! I thought I would only be the person to wear that color. Good thing I only noticed a few.

So how was my Valentine’s Day today?  I was first awakened by my mom’s Valentine greeting from my Nokia mobile phone. (Have I greeted her back already? I wonder.) Anyway, I wrote down some of my beautiful thoughts for the day. I must say that I enjoy doing them every single day that my small notebook is already full. I’m glad I already bought a new one, and this time a bigger one. Since it is still early in the morning, I practiced dancing the dance steps I learned from yesterday. Dancing also served as my morning exercise as well. How nice!

By afternoon, I even fancied myself for I paid a few bills this Heart’s day. Isn’t that lovely?!  I will no longer get into the details. All I know is that I am happy that I still have the capacity to pay. I believe more abundant blessings are to come my way. A love song comes to mind instantly which says, “Love, love has come my way…”.  After my mom and I are done shopping for clothes and stuff, I observed that more and more people are coming into the mall. I am very sure most of them celebrated Valentine’s Day with their loved ones by eating in a restaurant. Love, love is definitely making people happier and lovable with everybody.

As I end my Valentines post, I would like to greet everyone reading this a Happy Hearts Day! May we become more abundantly in love not only with our loved ones but with every person we meet.

P.S. ICON is actually an International Conference wherein members CFC-Singles for Christ gather from all over the Philippines and across the globe.