Tale of a Lost Phone

Leaving my mobile phone at home sometimes gets me paranoid. Today, I just left it or have I misplaced it? Anyway, I feel so incomplete as if I lost something! Perfect!

When I don’t have my phone with me, my mind starts to wonder about the many text messages left unread. I can just imagine what if there is an important message which I have to answer right away.

Since I am into business, I also have contacts saved in my mobile phone. Not creating a back-up list of contacts would indeed get me into paranoia. Aside from communicating with friends, using a mobile phone is definitely important especially when I have to attend immediately to the customer’s messages.

Personally, I also find my mobile phone useful especially when I feel alone sometimes. I would just text and pretend as if I have a text mate! Texting also serves as my outlet to talk to God whenever I feel like sharing something. I would usually type them in the Notes under Organizer. I feel that it is more secure for me than creating a message. I have an experience before that I received some messages in Inbox when they were only saved in Drafts. I really found that strange. Hence, I am taking safety precautions. Kidding aside, sharing something helps me become relieved especially in times of distress and even in my happiness state.

P.S. Just an update about my mobile phone, I have already found it! Glad I did! I realized I have only placed it inside my bag. It must have been hidden with the other stuffs. I must really keep an eye to my belongings the next time. =)

Memories, Oh My Memory!

Our family just went to CFC Evangelization Rally at Trece Martirez City. Since I still felt sleepy, I slept almost all throughout the trip. When I woke up that’s when I realized we already arrived and I did not thought we would be in the same venue where the evangelization rally was held about two to three years ago. Mind you I was still a Youth for Christ (YFC) then. And now I can honestly say I am already Singles for Christ (SFC).

Past beautiful memories began to flash back in my mind. I remember my co-YFCs then were even the ones assigned to sell stickets (tickets you can stick on) to Couples for Christ (CFC) members coming. Though some YFCs enjoyed it, I honestly did not like the feeling of competing with each other so you can completely sellout tickets on our hands. I still found it funny though that I could still remember those chasing moments to CFCs who bought our stickets.

Going back, our family decided to have our lunch at Jollibee (a popular Filipino fast food chain in the Philippines). I even asked them to head to a shortcut instead of walking past the 7-Eleven store since it is much nearer. While inside the Jollibee store, I was like wondering why the place especially the arrangement of chairs seems familiar to me. I even thought most of the Jollibee stores could be similarly constructed.

When I was already done with my lunch, I went out to follow my mom. Then I started to look around and wondered again why those tiangges lined up across the store seem memorable. I really found it weird then it dawned to me. I realized I have already gone to that place before! That was when my mom and I rode a bus headed to Trece Martirez City. I also saw Jollibee where we ate our lunch as well back then. Really, what a funny realization! I could not even help myself smiling with awe. And in my mind, I felt like I have already completed a puzzle.