Being Socially Modern

I believe I truly belong in this modern age!

I remember my grade school days when computers were still limited to school’s computer room and to those who can afford to have one. I was thinking if only I could own a personal computer, it would be easier for me to study doing an online research.

Web research was a required project for us in our computer subject back then. I even dread it when I had to go to a computer shop (which was several walks from our house). I found online research more complicated before compared to now. I’m glad we have Google now!

When I reached high school, I’m glad we started having our own computer at home. Most of our school projects also encouraged us to use internet for online research and to create presentations in Microsoft Powerpoint.

And then came Friendster which was a hit during my college days.  Since I’ve met several classmates in high school, it would be great to catch up with them through this most popular social network back then. I recall there were personal testimonials from close friends and classmates who visit your Friendster profile.

Soon I found my very first job in a Business Process Outsourcing company here in the Philippines. After several months of staying in that company, I received an invite from a colleague for a newcomer social network. And I was like why bother create another profile?!

It took me a while before finally joining one of the biggest social networks in the cyberspace now. That is Facebook!

I never thought I’d also dare to create a Facebook profile. That I’ll be eager to learning to use it without having to read a manual!  Kidding aside, this also led me to be temporarily addicted with Facebook games which became my pastime and favorite destressor.

And now we have Twitter which is one of my most favorite!  The first time I used it I felt at lost. I couldn’t understand what it is for.

But as I learned to explore using it I appreciated it even more. I got to learn using it by observing others how they use theirs.  I admit I get updates of latest news mostly from this site and I also learn from other people’s Twitter updates which is great!

Still there are other social media sites that have become popular to most people such as InstagramPinterest, and who would not forget Youtube!

Being socially active online seems to be a norm. Sometimes, it can get overwhelming but still they are great avenues for us to connect, not only to people who matter to us but also follow popular people whom we admire.

Changing your Perception of Beauty

I came across with this intriguing video shared on Facebook the other day. A friend even had her status about the video which made her cry so I watched it and even re-watched it for like a couple of times already.

I tried checking on Youtube and I was amazed since as of this writing, the 3 minute uploaded video already garnered 54 million views on Youtube!

Sometimes it’s also great to be reminded to appreciate and embrace more our natural beauty. And I believe nothing beats displaying our most beautiful smile!

Cheers and be inspired watching the video below:

Remembering the Days without Internet at Home

Research Bar

Research Bar (Photo credit: Rice-Aron Library)

Writing in a blog is indeed challenging.  At times, I can’t seem to find words to express myself. It’s odd but it’s very true for me.  Sometimes a good topic pops in your mind but then when you start to write, your mind suddenly turns into blank state.  It’s funny though that I am still able to write something for today.  I just want to write more often right now and I hope to develop this as a habit in the next couple of days.

Anyway, I remember a particular episode in a comedy kiddie TV show being shown here in the Philippines called Going Bulilit.  They cited instances what people do in the past as compared in the present.  I especially liked when they reenacted situations you can instantly relate with.  For instance, kids before would always go out and play with their neighbors. Most of the time they are reprimanded by their parents for staying up too late outside the house. Then when internet and hi-tech gadgets became available, kids nowadays would rather stay inside the house to use internet for Facebook or just play games in a smart phone. Another situation they showed is researching with the use of an encyclopedia. I really laughed hard when I saw that. Doing a research is a lot easier now because you can simply Google it right in front of your personal computer with an internet connection.

I immediately recalled the times when internet was only available in school and when you have to go to an internet shop.  I used to hate internet before because I also found researching difficult especially when it’s something new for me.  I even told myself that if we have personal computer with internet at home I would really study and learn searching! And yes, it’s been years since I learned how to use internet and using Google to search for topics I need to research on. Even here in WordPress, I am still learning and it’s nice to learn more!


Natalie Portman won the Oscar’s Best Actress Award for Black Swan!

Though I was not able to watch the Oscars live, I am still updated. Thanks to the people who love sharing news on Facebook.  Before that, I was already curious since I read very short reviews about the film and Natalie Portman’s great portrayal in the movie.

Just last week, my mom and I watched the movie Black Swan. I was initially told by my mom that the film would mostly deal with psychology.  Never did I realize I would find the movie suspenseful. Some parts of the movie I really found disturbing especially for very young ones. I wondered why the movie is rated 13 only when I think it must be rated 18. Just my opinion since the movie is currently shown here in the Philippines and most people here are still not open talking which are for adults only.

Mind you my mom even told me not to watch some sensitive scenes in the movie. But at some point I wondered my mother must have forgotten I am already in my past 20s! My goodness I believe I must also open myself to some issues of sexuality. I know I am matured enough to understand these things.

Because of this I found some resemblances in Nina’s relationship with her controlling mother in the movie vis-à-vis my relationship with my mom. At times I find my mom so conservative with the way I should dress in public like for instance when we went to Boracay two years ago. Since most women wear short shorts, I also wore mine. My mom discouraged me since I looked thin and it did not suit me. I felt bad then since it became a very big deal. But then it just came to my mind that maybe what she was telling to me was right. Guess what, I changed to my more decent and comfortable clothes. Glad I did since I felt the cold air when we went outside that evening!

Anyway, the following question came to my mind after I watched the movie: Can anyone really achieve such perfection?  I suppose some who may be reading this have already watched the film. What I liked about it is it really focused to its central theme of perfection. It is told in the perspective of Nina who struggles in becoming perfect as a ballerina dancer. She has become obsessed that she overworked herself just to perfect her dance moves instead of just enjoying her moment of dancing.

In some ways, I could easily relate to her character. I too admit that I also tend to become perfectionist but now in a more relaxed way I guess. I know I have already missed a couple of days posting in my WordPress blog. But that does not mean I should get upset. I would always tell myself to take time and just be relaxed. I could still get back on track.

I realized that sometimes becoming overly obsessed with perfectionism leads to stress and extreme pressure. This has happened to me before. I must have felt toxic since it also affected my relationship with the group I headed in my community before. After that incident, I mellowed and become more relaxed in dealing with them.

It also helped that I temporarily left the community I am still part of since this enabled me to reflect on the beautiful things I did. I never thought I could accomplish great things being a leader in our community knowing that I was shy before I became all out in my service.  I am happy to have already overcome my shyness and I am embracing my better self now.

As I end my today’s post, I would like to share the most striking line in the movie:

“Perfection is not just about control, it is also about Letting Go.” –Black Swan

Tale of a Lost Phone

Leaving my mobile phone at home sometimes gets me paranoid. Today, I just left it or have I misplaced it? Anyway, I feel so incomplete as if I lost something! Perfect!

When I don’t have my phone with me, my mind starts to wonder about the many text messages left unread. I can just imagine what if there is an important message which I have to answer right away.

Since I am into business, I also have contacts saved in my mobile phone. Not creating a back-up list of contacts would indeed get me into paranoia. Aside from communicating with friends, using a mobile phone is definitely important especially when I have to attend immediately to the customer’s messages.

Personally, I also find my mobile phone useful especially when I feel alone sometimes. I would just text and pretend as if I have a text mate! Texting also serves as my outlet to talk to God whenever I feel like sharing something. I would usually type them in the Notes under Organizer. I feel that it is more secure for me than creating a message. I have an experience before that I received some messages in Inbox when they were only saved in Drafts. I really found that strange. Hence, I am taking safety precautions. Kidding aside, sharing something helps me become relieved especially in times of distress and even in my happiness state.

P.S. Just an update about my mobile phone, I have already found it! Glad I did! I realized I have only placed it inside my bag. It must have been hidden with the other stuffs. I must really keep an eye to my belongings the next time. =)

Just Tears

Today I cried. I cried not because I was sad. Tears just started falling in my eyes. I just can’t help but cry with happiness. Cliché as it may sounds; it was indeed tears of joy. When I opened my yahoo mail, I was surprised to receive an email from a friend. I just did not expect it. Though I know it’s only a forwarded email still I take it as a great sign that she has already forgiven me. I guess time has already healed her. It’s been five months since I left in that company. I will never forget the time we embraced with each other before I officially resigned. I honestly felt bad when I learned that I must have taken her for granted as a friend. Just something happened last year. I tried to avoid her temporarily so that I will not be able to say negative things against people. Since we’re both comfortable talking anything under the sun, we kind of slipped our tongue talking negatively. Too late someone familiar to us heard us. And I was feeling guilty that time. After that incident, I have become more tactful about my words. I think she has misunderstood my odd behavior. And I cannot blame her for thinking that way. Nevertheless, I am still feeling thankful about everything that has happened to me the past year. This has helped me realized my flaws and my mistakes. I believe if not with that incident, I will not have the guts to resign. Not that I am escaping to save my face. I believe both of us just need more space to think and fulfill all our dreams.

Funniest People I Know

Robin Williams. I especially liked him when he played Mrs. Doubtfire in a movie with the same title. I really enjoyed watching that movie in a VHS tape way back in my grade school years. My brothers and I would always watch it early in the morning every day. We watched it like countless times that we almost memorized and expected what’s the next scene. The funny thing is we never get tired watching it. We had some laughter till our hearts’ content. We would even rewind or fast forward the video player and then we find ourselves laughing especially when the video becomes fast in the funniest part of the movie where he dressed like a woman. I just can’t forget those happy childhood memories I shared with my brothers. That was when we had our vacation at our province in Surigao del Sur, Philippines.

Bo Sanchez. Bo Sanchez is one of the most inspiring and popular preachers in the Philippines. I believe he is the most popular preacher I know online. Anyway, the first time I got the chance to hear him was in a Real Estate Seminar I attended last year. (It was the first ever seminar I attended using my own savings as my investment.) I was really amazed seeing him talking that it was such a nice treat to be able to see him up close.  Isn’t ironic that I almost ignored reading a Kerygma magazine (where he also writes) way back in my senior high. I really find him humorous when he delivers his talks that I can’t help myself but laugh at his jokes and fun stories.

Myself. I really love myself. Though I may still appear snobbish to some, I also find myself funny. When I was still working in a company, I would always make some of my friends feel happy especially when I am no longer that busy answering emails. I just love making people more comfortable especially when I notice them in the brink of stress. Just today, I found myself funny doing an exit interview. Can’t believe it has been more than five months since I resigned from my first and last employee job (after I graduated from college). I somehow felt nervous when I learned I am about to be interviewed again. I forgot to mentally prepare myself for an exit interview! Nevertheless, I told myself to just be comfortable answering the questions. Because of being too much comfortable, I was not able to answer the interview in straight English and I end up asking also the interviewer! My beautiful excuse was that it’s an exit interview.

Bonus: I was like a free rider when I went home riding a bus this morning. I was actually wondering why I cannot see the bus conductor roaming around the bus. I only managed to half sleep. I would always do that especially when I feel dizzy or get tired. And off I go when I saw that our subdivision is almost near. I just told the bus driver that I am about to get out. Naughty me!