Being Socially Modern

I believe I truly belong in this modern age!

I remember my grade school days when computers were still limited to school’s computer room and to those who can afford to have one. I was thinking if only I could own a personal computer, it would be easier for me to study doing an online research.

Web research was a required project for us in our computer subject back then. I even dread it when I had to go to a computer shop (which was several walks from our house). I found online research more complicated before compared to now. I’m glad we have Google now!

When I reached high school, I’m glad we started having our own computer at home. Most of our school projects also encouraged us to use internet for online research and to create presentations in Microsoft Powerpoint.

And then came Friendster which was a hit during my college days.  Since I’ve met several classmates in high school, it would be great to catch up with them through this most popular social network back then. I recall there were personal testimonials from close friends and classmates who visit your Friendster profile.

Soon I found my very first job in a Business Process Outsourcing company here in the Philippines. After several months of staying in that company, I received an invite from a colleague for a newcomer social network. And I was like why bother create another profile?!

It took me a while before finally joining one of the biggest social networks in the cyberspace now. That is Facebook!

I never thought I’d also dare to create a Facebook profile. That I’ll be eager to learning to use it without having to read a manual!  Kidding aside, this also led me to be temporarily addicted with Facebook games which became my pastime and favorite destressor.

And now we have Twitter which is one of my most favorite!  The first time I used it I felt at lost. I couldn’t understand what it is for.

But as I learned to explore using it I appreciated it even more. I got to learn using it by observing others how they use theirs.  I admit I get updates of latest news mostly from this site and I also learn from other people’s Twitter updates which is great!

Still there are other social media sites that have become popular to most people such as InstagramPinterest, and who would not forget Youtube!

Being socially active online seems to be a norm. Sometimes, it can get overwhelming but still they are great avenues for us to connect, not only to people who matter to us but also follow popular people whom we admire.

Pitch Perfect: Just The Way You Are

I just watched Pitch Perfect and I must say it has become one of my latest favorite films so far. I was initially intrigued with this movie since it became a top trending topic on Twitter Philippines not only once but a couple of times early this year! Few of my friends who had already seen it even suggested that I watch it.

Yesterday, I was browsing through Youtube to watch some cover versions of popular songs and there was this short video clip which got my attention. It showed a group of girls doing a mash up a cappella version of Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are and a song Just A Dream. I kind of sensed that the video clip might be part of a film I yearned to see. This curiosity of mine led me to finally watch it and voila I was indeed right!

Regarding the movie, I really enjoyed watching it and up to now I still keep on playing my favorite scenes especially when they performed a capella with their choreography. I found myself delighted because I appreciate singing and dancing which I both love. The actors and actresses were very impressive with their respective group performances. My bias is on the character named Fat Amy because she was hilariously a standout.

To end with, if you’re someone who is into music and singing and choreography, Pitch Perfect is certainly a joy to watch.

Just Tears

Today I cried. I cried not because I was sad. Tears just started falling in my eyes. I just can’t help but cry with happiness. Cliché as it may sounds; it was indeed tears of joy. When I opened my yahoo mail, I was surprised to receive an email from a friend. I just did not expect it. Though I know it’s only a forwarded email still I take it as a great sign that she has already forgiven me. I guess time has already healed her. It’s been five months since I left in that company. I will never forget the time we embraced with each other before I officially resigned. I honestly felt bad when I learned that I must have taken her for granted as a friend. Just something happened last year. I tried to avoid her temporarily so that I will not be able to say negative things against people. Since we’re both comfortable talking anything under the sun, we kind of slipped our tongue talking negatively. Too late someone familiar to us heard us. And I was feeling guilty that time. After that incident, I have become more tactful about my words. I think she has misunderstood my odd behavior. And I cannot blame her for thinking that way. Nevertheless, I am still feeling thankful about everything that has happened to me the past year. This has helped me realized my flaws and my mistakes. I believe if not with that incident, I will not have the guts to resign. Not that I am escaping to save my face. I believe both of us just need more space to think and fulfill all our dreams.

Blogging Fixes

Today, I had some minor fixes in my WordPress blog. I wondered how the Share button is activated but I could not see it in my posts. Funny. I even tried to search it from the web only to personally discover it to myself!

Moving forward, I would like to share the following steps on how to activate ‘Sharing’ in your WordPress blog posts:

(1) Go to your Blog’s Dashboard.
(2) Look for the word Settings. (It can be found in the bottom left of your page.)
(3) Click ‘Sharing’.
(4) Choose which of the available services (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc.) you like to enable for sharing.
(5) Drag each service to the ‘Enabled Services’ box.

I hope the above steps have been helpful. I believe this is just one of my learning adventures here in WordPress. And I am actually enjoying every bit of it.