Missed Blogging

It’s already March 31st and only a few more hours it will now be April. Time flies so fast. Or is it really that fast?

This month I noticed that I was only able to come up with a few posts.  “What could be the reason?” as I reflect on this. Frankly speaking I have been so busy thinking these past few days. It’s kind of ironic that when I started blogging here in WordPress I would always look forward to reading the scheduled topic for a day.

There’s never a day that I would try to miss a blog post. I may have missed a day without posting but I would always make up for that day by posting in advance. There came a time that I will not sleep unless I made my blog post for that day. Seasons are changing I must say. But who am I not to miss blogging? I still love to write more so I could learn and discover myself more.

For the past few days I busied myself studying and rehearsing songs for our CLP scheduled every Sunday. There are even times I wanted to give up and just rest especially when I think that it will take us more weeks to practice. I know I must be more than grateful that I am part of our community’s Music Ministry. This has been one of my fervent wishes as I love to touch more people by singing praise and worship songs heartily. Just the thought of it already encourages me to just go on.

And oh by the way, I am also into dancing! Sometimes I feel like I’m an artist or a celebrity who is busy improving her own craft. I definitely love music as I enjoy both – singing and dancing! Back in my younger years, I could not forget memorable instances when I displayed my interest in dancing. When I was in my kindergarten year, I was part of a dance group wherein we were asked to dance in an important event in our school. I could no longer recall if that was the school’s Foundation Day. All I know I was not able to dance that day!

I would always recall that instance with my mom since it was because of her I was not able to perform then. She told me the program will not start so early in the morning and thought that programs would start late. She was wrong in saying that since I missed our dance performance and I really cried for it! My teacher even told my mom that I was our class’ star dancer.

My love for dancing did not stop there as I always displayed my gusto in dancing whenever there is an opportunity. Funny that I would only dance in my high school year when it was required in our class. I will never forget the beautiful remark I received from a former classmate of mine. She told me why I did not join cheer dancing since I can dance well. My reasoning in mind then was I did not like going home late because of dance practices. I also learned that it was very difficult to ride a jeepney (mode of transportation here in the Philippines) if I go home very late in the evening.

Anyway, I am now given another opportunity to show off my dancing skills. Mind you I am also part of our Dance Ministry! Later this evening, I would be recalling the dance steps we practiced the other night. My only problem is I could not immediately absorb some of them in my mind.  Hopefully I could now memorize some of the dance steps. Hello to a fast dance song to the tune of Usher’s DJGot Us Falling in Love Again!

Last Kiss

I have been humming ang singing this song for several days already. I cannot even recall where I was able to first saw this video. But the moment I listen to the song, I have become instantly addicted especially how beautifully harmonious the singers did in their cover.

The song is called Last Kiss which is originally sang by Taylor Swift. Boyce Avenue did an amazing cover again but this time they collaborated with the newcomers/lovely duo Megan and Liz who are twins! I thought I was wrong since you can easily recognize who is Megan and Liz not only with their hairstyles but also with their faces.

Anyway, it seems ironic that I instantly liked the song though I do not have such past experience. I also listened to Taylor Swift’s song but I seem to like this cover version better maybe because I can really feel the feelings conveyed in the song that I also enjoyed singing it!

Soul Sister

Have you ever felt awkward with a person you feel like you somehow have a cold war with? Funny I did. Today’s happening came like a surprise again for me since I did not expect seeing a familiar face twice in a row and in the same venue! Because of that I have now thought she could be my soul sister! No we are not enemies. We are just not that close like best friends. One positive thing I can only think of her was the day she praised my way of singing. Not every people would tell you straight like that. And I appreciate people who also believe in my talent. It’s a good confidence booster mind you. Know what, I am intrigued if one day we would be more comfortable talking random things with each other. It would really be a BIG miracle if we become closer as good friends. Cheers for more happy thoughts!

Fearless…Brighter than the Moon

Before I came up with my post today, I searched synonyms of the word brave. I guess you also tried after reading it. Kidding aside I never thought I could write a post this often. When am unable to immediately generate ideas, I would do other things instead like surfing the net or read a book. When my mind is ready, creative ideas come out unexpectedly. I love that.

Anyway, I too have been a witness to one’s bravery. I may have been at awe with Joan of Arc’s courage. Who would think she can lead an army of men when women in her time do not engage themselves in such thing.

I also admire women who have become successful entrepreneurs just like Socorro Ramos, founder of PhilippinesNational Bookstore. Learning how she managed to build her business even in World War years is truly amazing.

If there is someone who truly made me look up to because of his/her braveness is this famous personality. Almost everyone never thought s/he could still regain her popularity status. S/he was a shining star before. But nobody did expect that his/her star would shine again and even brighter than the moon. (Firework song works this time.) That person is none other than… (drum roll please) is Sandara “Dara” Park of 2NE1.

What made me admire her in the first place? When she found out that she is no longer as popular in the Philippines, she went back to Korea to still pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a singing superstar. Her determination and passion to succeed has helped her become the person she is now. I also liked that despite her age (though she does not really look like one), that did not prevent her from improving her singing and dancing skills and to become almost at par with her peers.